GET INVOLVED at Maupin Avenue Presbyterian Church!

The mission of the church is outward. To take Christ into every facet of our world. God has called us to take the faith given to us and to carry it into the dark, dying, and hurting world.

The mission of the church is also inward. We are to show mercy to one another within the church, caring for those that are sick, weak, lonely, dealing with difficult circumstances and those in grief over the loss of a loved one.

In the sovereign providence of our Lord we are encouraged to be salt and light in every area of our spheres of influence. Each encounter with those we come into contact with is a divinely appointed moment of which the Holy Spirit will enable a potential redemptive work of God.

To see options at Maupin to serve our Lord using your talents check the Missions and Outreach tab below for more details.

Matthew 28:19-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Acts 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

In response to the command “Go,” empowered by the Holy Spirit, prayer, and the Gospel message Maupin Ave. ARP has a Missions Committee to maximize and organize our commitment to missions. We strive to educate those in our body of Christ, so that we may reach those outside Christ’s body. Our church has a banner over the front door, as you leave, that says, “You are now entering the missions field.”

Our committee charter:

‘To share the gospel of Jesus Christ by actively seeking opportunities to serve people in our city, region, and world.’

The list below is what we as a church have accomplished through missionary outreach. It is brought to fruition by the collective efforts of Maupin Women’s Ministry, Maupin Men’s Ministry and individuals of Maupin ARP church giving time and resources to our Biblical mandate to“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15).

This is not a pat on the back but an opportunity to praise God and thank him for allowing this church body to be a part of His plan. The list is not exhaustive for many efforts go on behind the scenes. It is a call to roll up our shirt sleeves and figure out how we can do more and do better.

  • Rowan Helping Ministries – God’s table is served four times a year where we provide lunch and a service, devotion, and hymns. We use the opportunity to give out bibles and tracts, pray with and talk to people, invite people to church and we also collect food/clothing donations for RHM.
  • Capstone Recovery Center – Help supply needs of clients and do yard work as needed.
  • World Missionary Support – We currently support 3 mission families and one organization.
  • One Church One Child – Help supply needs of the children and families.
  • Teacher Appreciation Outreach – Provide snacks and gospel-oriented reading material to staff at two local schools.
  • Home-Bound visits – Checking on our church family members that are not well and/or can’t get out to come to church is important. Keeping a connection with members who cannot make it to Sunday services or other gatherings is vitally important. In addition to the posting of our sermon videos and mailing out bulletins to keep them updated on church issues, we want to visit our family and look into their eyes as we share time with them.

There are many opportunities waiting for those seeking to find their place to participate in Missions.

John Piper said, “A heart for the glory of God and a heart of mercy for the nations make a Christ-like missionary.”

As men of the church, we are broken. However, through fellowship with Jesus Christ our savior and with one another as brothers in Christ we look to become stronger in our faith. Through work projects, Christian fellowship, Bible study and accountability we pray that we continually are growing as Godly Men of Maupin. The end goal is that we might influence our families, our church and our community in a way that is pleasing to God and brings Him glory.

We generally meet the second Saturday morning of each month in the church fellowship hall around 9:30 am. This meeting routinely follows the church wide prayer breakfast which is held at 8:30. (humbly prepared by the Maupin Men).

We are currently working through the study of the “Disciplines of a Godly Man” written by Author R. Kent Hughes.

Part of our ministries include support of the Women’s Ministry, the Missions Committee, light construction/yard maintenance and participate in the upkeep of the grounds of the church. Partial funding for this support is through our mobile BBQ cooker that we have utilized to prepare several meals for the congregation, local community, and fundraising efforts.

For more information about our group please contact:

Bobby Miller                  [email protected]

Our Women’s Ministry typically meets on the second Saturday of each month, at 9:30am, just following the church-wide prayer breakfast which occurs at 8:30am. Rarely, we do change the meeting date due to other events that are taking place on the second Saturday of the month. Please visit our calendar to confirm our meeting date for the current and upcoming months.

WMS meetings include a Bible study, planning for fundraisers and other events, discussions and decision-making regarding charitable giving and opportunities for sharing God’s love locally and globally.

WMS annual fundraisers and events usually include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
  • Annual Church Yard Sale
  • Assistance with Children’s Ministry events, such as VBS
  • Meal planning for church events
  • Bake-less Bake Sale (Donate $’s that you would have used for a bake sale)
  • Meals provided to the family of those who have lost a family member

Some of the organizations we support are:

  • Capstone Recovery
  • Watchman’s Radio
  • One Church One Child
  • Rowan Helping Ministries & God’s Table

Our meetings are a time of fellowship and laughter where we form bonds as sisters in Christ. We support one another at church and outside of church in times of need with prayer, food, a listening ear, encouragement, or just a smile and a hug when it’s needed.

We would love for all ladies who are interested in our group to join us… it’s ok to just show up to a meeting! However, if you’d like to talk to someone first – please feel free to reach out to any of our WMS officers to learn more:

President- Cathy Foster Vice President- Gale Spry Treasurer- Denise Harris Secretary- Marilyn Fisher

Watchmen Radio Ministries International is an evangelical mission’s organization concentrating in the three areas of radio broadcasting, church planting, and training of national missionaries primarily in Asia. This ministry is supported financially by our church and Women’s Ministry. If you wish to contribute or to learn more, please reach out to one of our women’s leaders or someone on the Missions and Outreach Committee.

Capstone Recovery Center is a place for women to learn about and make better life choices. It is a Christ centered haven for women facing challenges after abuse, drugs, or alcohol related issues. The facility offers counseling, biblically based classes, lessons regarding personal worth, and help with job searches upon graduation. This is an amazing group with wonderful success rates.

There are several opportunities to get involved in our worship services, such as providing special music, joining the choir, readers of Scripture and liturgy, preparing Communion which we celebrate monthly, and greeters. If you would like to get involved, please reach out to Pastor Randy.

The church does not run on automatic. We have many volunteers who make information flow and others who execute plans for events, all working together as an amazing team to make wonderful things happen. Below is a list of opportunities to serve as well as current volunteers and contacts. Please ask about learning, assisting or backing up in these areas if you have an interest…you will be a most welcome addition to the teams!

Denise Harris is our treasurer. She keeps the books for us and tracks purchases, records, pays bills. Denise also publishes our monthly newsletter and would welcome input/assistance with this.

Lisa Bragg is the assistant treasurer, recording and making deposits of our tithes and offerings each week. Lisa is also a huge factor in the setup and maintenance of our church website as well as anything technology related.

Ruth Sides is the church secretary. She prints the Sunday bulletin each week with information on the service and times and dates of the week’s activities. She also maintains the missions bulletin boards, serves as a greeter and assists in the maintenance of the website. If you are interested in learning more about these duties, reach out to Ruth.

Cathy Foster leads a small team of ladies who keep our church bulletin board fresh, and Gospel centered. Please reach out to Cathy if you’d like to help with or have ideas to share regarding the bulletin board. Cathy is also the president of the women’s ministry that meets each month for a Bible study and mission and event planning. Visit with our sisters in Christ on the 2nd Saturday each month.

Sunday School teachers are a vital part of Sundays. If you are interested or have a call to teach, please see one of our leaders to get more information. On this same note Youth leaders who have a special place in their heart for our young men and women would fit right in!

Nursery Care is available for the littles ones, babies to 4 year olds. See Jill Peterson to sign up to be in rotation to care for these precious children during church services.

Men Ministries, Women’s Ministries meet separately each month for Bible study, plan ministry events, seek info on anyone in need, and check in on each other as brothers/sisters in Christ.

Building/Maintenance is of course a large responsibility at any facility. Have a handy talent or just willing to help with some routine tasks and housekeeping? If so, please reach out to Bob Sides.

Jill Peterson serves as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator here at Maupin Avenue Presbyterian Church. She has served in this position since April 2018. She is a graduate of Columbia International University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Church Ministries. She loves children and teaching children. She also loves being a mom to her daughter, River.

Childrens Ministry

We, here at Maupin Avenue Presbyterian Church love children and want to teach them well and show them the love of Jesus. We want to instill in them the truth of the Bible and encourage them to live out their faith.

For elementary aged children, we offer the following services:

  • Sunday School from 9:45 to 10:55
  • Children’s Sermon as part our 11:00 worship service
  • Children’s Church, immediately following the children’s sermon, for the duration of the 11:00 worship service.
  • Nursery is also available during our 11:00 worship services for toddlers.

In addition to these weekly services, we have many activities during the year for the children of our church and as an outreach to our community. These activities include our annual Easter egg hunt, Vacation Bible School, Trunk or Treat, and a special Christmas service dedicated to our children.

We have many opportunities to serve in our Children’s Ministry through teaching and volunteering for our many activities throughout the year. We are thankful for our volunteers, who help make these services and activities available. If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, helping with an event, or in understanding more about what our volunteers do, please see Jill Peterson.

Lisa Bragg serves as a Youth Coordinator and has been involved in leading ministry for our middle and high school students since 2018. She is married and has two very independent children, one in college and one in high school. She works in the Human Resources field and has been living in the Salisbury area since her family relocated here when she was in middle school… which was somewhere around 1990. Lisa has been attending Maupin Avenue Presbyterian Church since 2015 and has been involved with youth in some capacity since that time.

Youth group is available to middle and high school students and generally meets monthly- sometimes for an outing. Other times we meet at the church to prepare a meal together and have a devotional or discuss a book we are reading, and fellowship while playing some games or just talking in a low-key setting. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in ministry for youth:

  1. Invite the youth you know to church and youth meetings.
  2. PRAY- our youth do not have specific prayer partners or mentors within the church, and they need this. If you are willing to talk with a young individual and pray for their specific needs, perhaps even pray with them when needed, please let one of our youth leaders know this.
  3. Volunteer to take youth on outings or lead a Bible study (in part or in full) for them. More volunteers may allow us to meet more than once a month.
  4. Have a pool? Volunteer to host a pool party or other special event at your home for our youth.
  5. Have a talent or skill you can share? Volunteer to share your skill by giving our youth a cooking, gardening, acting, woodworking or any other lesson that would help build connections to our church family.
  6. Designate a portion of your tithes to support youth outings and activities.
  7. Attend recitals, sporting events, graduations, plays or other events that our youth participate in to encourage them and build connections with our church family.
  8. We are open to your suggestions for contributions of time or other resources that are not listed here. Please share your ideas for getting involved.

If you are interested in participating in youth ministries in any capacity, please contact Lisa Bragg.

Our Choir Director and Accompanist is Gale Spry. Please join us for choir practice which is each Wednesday at 5:00pm, and if you have an interest for music in any capacity please see Gale.

God first brought His OCOC ministry to fruition in the suburbs of Chicago and Atlanta during the 1980’s. In Chicago it was through the efforts of a Catholic priest that both foster care and adoption of minority children in need become the primary work of this “first” OCOC organization.

In 2006, a man who served as both a local pastor and a social worker – Jon Hunter – who took the OCOC mission concept and tailored it to meet the specific needs of Rowan County. Currently well over 100 of our community churches partner with the Department of Social and Health Services to assist families who suffer from potentially abusive, neglectful, and related challenges. We at Maupin Ave. and others seek to help bring God’s living Gospel into the lives of these children and their families.

Our Maupin Ave. Church family and pastor have long been involved in this ministry/outreach. It comes as no surprise to us that God has blessed our smaller church to outsize our ourselves in gifts of time and talents to this very needed local ministry.

Over the years we have:

  • Provided successful fundraising events (“poor man’s” after church lunches in our fellowship hall)
  • Invited Rev. Jon Hunter to visit as a guest pastor and speaker
  • Sent up to 10 or more volunteers to minister directly to families served at the ROCOC assistance center, and to sort and organize donations
  • Donated items needed regularly
  • Participated in the Christmas Star gift giving program annually. Last year 30 children received gifts from our church family!

Thanks be to God!

If you are interested in learning more or serving at OCOC, please contact Susan Triplett.

At Rowan Helping Ministries, the operative word is “ministries”. God has provided many opportunities for service within this community organization. Folks who receive assistance here include those who are homeless, hungry, jobless- people who are often poor in both body and spirit. For over a decade, our church family has prayerfully sought to be bearers of Gospel Truth to these, our brothers and sisters.

Through “God’s Table” (four Sundays throughout the year) we seek to feed our shelter friends’ needs -both body and soul in unison- combining nourishing meals, companionship, and worship with God’s Word spoken, distributed Bibles and other printed materials, and sung hymns with live musical accompaniment. Our teams in attendance at the shelter include both adults and children. Many other church members contribute generously with prayer and needed meal items. All are part of our family in Christ, a message we hope to share in living reality at the shelter.

The Maupin Avenue Church family also makes substantial donations to the food pantry at RHM on a weekly basis and answers the shelter’s requests for clothing and household items regularly. Our Women’s Ministry makes periodic monetary donations as well.

Other opportunities at RHM include: volunteer office help, crisis counseling, and the organization of received food pantry (shelving) and clothing (sorting) donations.

If you are interested in serving at RHM through Maupin, please contact Susan Triplett.

Audio/Video is a big part of getting our information put onto the website and out in the community. Randal Bragg leads our A/V team along with Bobby Teel and Zay Boileau. They keep our sound going, record our sermons, share videos/movies as needed and play music for the choir’s special songs. Training is available if you are interested in the technical aspects as a way to be involved in our services or special events. It is always good to have multiple trained persons to assist. Please contact Randal Bragg if you are interested.